Tiff's Treats Locates Amy, the Austin-Based Cookie Store's First Customer From 1999

What started as a single social media post grew to become an international search for Amy

Tiff's Treats

Texas-based cookie delivery company "Tiff's Treats" has found their first-ever customer more than two decades after the store opened.

The founders of the company, Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen, started the service 22 years ago when they were sophomores at The University of Texas Austin.

In honor of the store's 22nd anniversary, the founders told the story of Amy, the store's first customer, and the impact of her purchase on inspiring the founders to continue pursuing their business.

Tiff's Treats said they had no idea where Amy was, and they asked their fans and customers to help find her.

What started as a single social media post grew to become an international search for Amy, the founders said.

According to the Tiff's Treats, after thousands of comments, direct messages, and international news coverage, Amy was finally found.

Amy is now living overseas, and her sister's best friend contacted the founders and helped them to reconnect.

The founders said they spoke to Amy on the phone, and she sent them photos of herself from when she was living in Austin so that the founders could confirm that it was really her.

Tiff's Treats said they wanted to give Amy free cookies for a year, but because she is living overseas, she chose to donate the cookies to a nonprofit.

Thanks to Amy's generosity, Foster Angels of Central Texas will receive free cookies from Tiff's Treats for a year.

"My big takeaway from this experience is to always be kind. You never know who you are going to influence positively or negatively with your attitude in the world," Amy said about reconnecting with Tiff's Treats. "I am immensely proud of entrepreneurs, and I'm feeling super grateful that my initial purchase made a positive impression on you both."

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