The Weirdest House in the Country is in Texas — and Now it's For Sale

Robert Bruno’s biomorphic Steel House in Lubbock hits the market for $1.75 million, prompting fears for its future

steel house
Troy Oxford, The Dallas Morning News

One of America’s most remarkable and idiosyncratic works of architecture is for sale. The Steel House, a four-legged organism of blackened metal perched on a ridge outside of Lubbock, was recently placed on the market for $1.75 million.

The biomorphic house was built by hand over more than three decades by artist Robert Bruno, who died of cancer in 2008, having yet to finish it. He lived in it only briefly, in the final months of his life, and it has remained a vacant and deteriorating local icon ever since. Completing it was never a priority for Bruno. “I’m not particularly concerned about having a house,” he said in a video filmed not long before his death. “I built it because I like doing sculpture.”

Bruno estimated the weight of the house, which he assembled from salvaged pieces of Cor-Ten steel, at 110 tons — making it a target purely for its material value. Its three levels of rooms spill into each other, with bulbous windows looking out over a recreational lake.

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