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The El Paso Zoo Helps Scorned Lovers Get Closure With Valentine's Day “Quit Bugging Me” Event

The El Paso Zoo's event allows visitors to name cockroaches after their exes, who will then be fed to the animals


The El Paso Zoo is celebrating Valentine's Day with an event where scorned lovers can name cockroaches after their exes, who will then be fed to zoo animals, television station KTSM reports.

According to KTSM, The El Paso Zoo's ‘Quit Bugging Me’ event was started last year, and it will return this Valentine's Day.

The event became a viral sensation, eventually becoming fodder for a joke on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, KTSM reports.

KTSM reports that this year, animals from all over the zoo like meerkats, primates, birds, and small mammals will get to participate in the event by eating the cockroaches named after visitor's exes.

The animals will eat the cockroaches over a 3-day anti-Valentine’s Day promotion that lasts until Feb. 16.

The name submission form will be opening soon on the zoo’s website. There is no fee to submit a name, but according to KTSM, the El Paso Zoo says they always appreciate donations.

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