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Texas to Launch Butterfly License Plate, Funds to Go Towards Conservation

A Monarch butterfly conservation license plate is launching June 21, raising money to help conservation efforts of at-risk species, including the Monarch butterfly.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said the $30-a-year specialty license plate is releasing June 21 in a press release Friday. $22 of the $30 will go to TPWD to "support various programs and efforts."

"The monarch butterfly is a species that is beautiful and iconic in that it is one of nature's great migration stories," said John Davis, TPWD's Wildlife Diversity Program Director. "By adding the monarch to our family of plates, we hope to increase support for this beautiful migration event and through our conservation efforts, brighten the future for this, and many other species."

The winning design for the license plate was voted on by the public in September 2020. The TPWD said its Conservation License Plate program raised around $10 million in the past 21 years.

To see the design or learn more about the license plate, you can visit the TPWD website here.

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