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Texas Teen Who Drove Through Tornado is the New Face of ‘Click It or Ticket' Campaign

According to TxDOT about 10% of all Texans are still not wearing a seatbelt

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The teenager who made headlines when he drove through a tornado, is now the face of the state's seatbelt campaign which is celebrating it's 20th year.

Viral video star Riley Leon has been enlisted to be the face of 'Click It or Ticket' for the Texas Department of Transportation.

Leon's red truck flipped when a tornado swept across a central Texas highway, while he was able to drive away, the pickup was heavily damaged.

"It was a couple days after that I realized, I'm thankful I wore my seatbelt that day because if not the accident would have been more tragic."

Riley said he only suffered a few cuts on his arms and a minor fracture to his back.

While his red Silverado pickup was still driveable, a North Texas Chevrolet dealer gifted him a 2022 Silverado. In March he told us he planned to fix the truck.

Riley was driving to a job interview at Whataburger, a job he got and started in March.

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