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Texas State Parks Prepare to Return to Normal Capacity After Abbott's Reopening Order

Reservations will be required to attend Texas State Parks, which representatives say have had an increased amount of attendance than past years

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All Texas state parks are beginning to return to normal capacity after Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced earlier this month he was reopening the state 100%.

The parks were closed last April and reopened with limited capacity and other restrictions in May

Many Texans have visited the parks since they reopened in the spring. A representative said that the level of attendance at Texas parks has increased significantly in the past year.

Traffic at Texas state parks is expected to be high as the spring season approaches, and representatives with Texas state parks said visitors who wish to enjoy the parks with less capacity can try to visit on the weekdays or go to a less well-known park.

Reservations are required to visit the park even for visitors with a State Parks Pass. If an individual makes a reservation and can not attend, cancellations are encouraged to give others an opportunity to enjoy the park.

Face coverings will be encouraged for indoor locations, especially in ones too small to permit social distancing.

For more health and safety tips from Texas State Parks visit here.

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