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Sen. Cruz Deletes Tweet of Debunked Afghanistan Helicopter Video

The senator was not the only Texas lawmaker to share the video on Twitter that led many to believe it showed a Taliban hanging

Picture of Texas Senator Ted Cruz
NBC 5 News

After fact-checkers debunked it, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz deleted a tweet earlier this week in which he’d shared a viral video that appears to show a man dangling from a helicopter in Afghanistan.

“It turns out the post I shared w/ a video of Taliban ‘hanging a man’ from a helicopter may be inaccurate. So I deleted the tweet,” Cruz wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “What remains accurate is:
- The Taliban are brutal terrorists.
- We left them millions in US military equipment, including Black Hawk helicopters.”

The original video, which has since been retweeted and quote-tweeted almost 7,000 times, was captioned, “Taliban hanging someone from a helicopter in Kandahar,” and many viewers interpreted it as a public Taliban execution.

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