Texas Lottery Jackpot Grows to Largest In U.S.

The Saturday drawing is at an estimated $32.25 million

Lotto Texas
Texas Lottery

The Lotto Texas jackpot grew to the largest jackpot in the United States at an estimated $32.25 million, after no winning tickets were sold on Wednesday, the Texas Lottery Commission said.

Saturday is the next drawing for the second-highest jackpot in the entire world.

"Lotto Texas has been on an exciting run and now the jackpot has emerged as the largest on the continent," said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery Commission, in a press release.

There's only been one Lotto Texas jackpot winner so far in 2020, a Laredo resident who won $17.5 million in January.

"We want to remind our players to play responsibly," Grief said. "It only takes one ticket to win."

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