South Texas Chick-fil-A Accommodates Autistic Child's Unique Request

Marlee Olivarez told KFOR that she was grateful for the chance to spread awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Marlee Olivarez

An Edinburg mother is expressing her gratitude and spreading awareness after a Chick-fil-A restaurant accommodated her child's out-of-the-ordinary request.

According to a report by KFOR, Marlee Olivarez's Facebook post about her experience has been shared by thousands of users.

Olivarez explained that her eight-year-old son, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder a year and a half ago, does not like his food groups to touch each other because of the different textures, KFOR reported.

“It’s pretty much a sensory overload for him,” Olivarez told KFOR.  

Olivarez told KFOR she ordered a number four, which is meant to be a scrambled bowl with hash browns, egg, cheese, and chicken or sausage. 

“As we were waiting, one of the managers comes up, that I had always seen there, with a smile, great customer service all the time. And he asked me, ‘you know out of the many years that I’ve been working here, I’ve never seen or heard of anybody ask for this ordered in this particular way, is there a reason why,’” Olivarez told KFOR.  

She said she explained why she made the request and said she was grateful for the chance to spread awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Hospitality Director Sam Guardiola told KFORF there was no problem fulfilling the request, but when his curiosity compelled him to ask why, he says the response gave him goosebumps.  

“She informed me that it was because of her son who’s autistic, and he wanted to feel the texture of each individual item. So, me being a father of three, I understood her completely… it was more of a pleasure. I know Chick-fil-A is about guest service, customer service, and striving to do the best for our guest and so it was just something so natural to do for her. When she was so grateful for it, well, it just encouraged the whole team to do an even better job,” Guardiola said.  

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