Ken Paxton

Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Defending States Against Costs of Illegal Immigration

Paxton prepares to lead Texas and 14 other states to the U.S. Supreme Court

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks at the Austin Police Association on Thursday Sept. 10, 2020(Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman via AP)
Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman via AP

Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Texas and 13 other states defending the "public charge" rule, a federal law that forbids immigration by individuals who they believe could become dependent on a taxpayer-funded government program.

"Texas taxpayers are forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars every year to sustain the services our state must provide to illegal aliens. Without the public-charge rule, our Medicaid budget and other vital services will explode and be spread too thin, costing taxpayers millions more and reducing the quality of service we can provide," Attorney General Paxton said. 

Earlier this year, an Illinois county partnered with a left-wing non-profit to sue the Trump Administration on behalf of the "public charge" rule. However, the administration permanently blocked the rule snatching SNAP, Section 8, Public Housing and Medicaid from the list of those included in the rule.

The case rose to the ranks of the United States Supreme Court who agreed to hear the case, but without the backing of President Biden.

"President Biden failed to work through the administrative rule-making process and left Texas, along with our neighboring states, vulnerable," Paxton said. "This is a shameless attempt to unravel common-sense immigration policies favored by a strong majority of Texans, and it cannot stand." 

Texas brought the case in front of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit but was denied.

As a result, Texas filed the lawsuit with the United States Supreme Court.

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