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Ted Cruz Among Republicans Praising Overturning Roe While Blasting Court Leak

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey among GOPers decrying the leak as “a blatant attempt to manipulate the sacred procedures of the U.S. Supreme Court"

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Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans who have fought for years to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that effectively legalized abortion nationwide, are delighted with the news that a draft Supreme Court ruling indicates that action is imminent.

“If this report is true, this is nothing short of a massive victory for life and will save the lives of millions of innocent babies,” Cruz wrote Monday on Twitter in reaction to Politico’s exclusive on the draft ruling.

But while America waits for the nation’s highest court to issue its final opinion, Cruz and some other GOP leaders want the focus on the leak itself, which they consider an outrageous breach of confidentiality that abortion rights advocates may try to exploit by trying to intimidate justices into reaching a different ruling.

"I have to say that it is utterly stunning that anyone at the court would leak a draft opinion. In over 200 years of our nation's history, this has never happened and I am appalled. This is the most egregious breach of trust at the Supreme Court that has ever happened. Presumably, some left-wing law clerk angry at the direction the court is going decided to betray his or her obligation, the trust that clerk owed to his or her justice and the court," Cruz said Tuesday in the Russell Building. "Whoever did this leak should be prosecuted and should go to jail for a very long time. This has shaken the independence and the ability of the judiciary to function."

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