Storm Damages Lost Mine Trail, Scenic Drive at Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

Over the past few days, Big Bend National Park has seen daily rainfall in all areas, and heavy rain on Saturday resulted in damage to two popular park attractions.

According to park officials, a section of switchbacks along the Lost Mine Trail collapsed, resulting in heavy damage to that section of the trail. The bottom of the switchback is covered in rocks and the top is too narrow to safely traverse.

The trail is currently closed and will re-open as soon as crews have a chance to assess, stabilize, repair, and make it safe for hikers.

In addition, high water and debris crossed the pavement along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, south of the Mule Ears Overlook. Park officials say the pavement broke off and washed away causing logs and rocks to wash onto the road , ultimately making it unsafe to travel.

Ross Maxwell Drive with high water and dangerous conditions.(Big Bend National park)

The road is closed and will remain closed past Mule Ears Overlook until crews can repair the section and ensure it is safe for vehicle travel. 


Due to the road closures making the campground inaccessible, the campground is also temporarily closed and campers have been moved to Rio Grande Village Campground.

No employees or visitors were injured during either of these events.

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