Eastland County

Sheriff of Eastland County Announces Resignation After Allegations of Misconduct

Chad Roberts has resigned as Eastland County Sheriff, effective May 24

Eastland County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff of Eastland County announced his resignation on Friday after an investigation into alleged misconduct.

Chad Roberts's alleged misconduct involved public information requests under the Texas Open Records Act.

The misconduct allegedly took place while Roberts was employed as the City Manager and Chief of Police in the City of Ranger.

On Jan. 21, the allegations were submitted to the Criminal District Attorneys Office through the City of Ranger's legal counsel.

The Criminal District Attorneys Office said that it followed state protocol and requested the assistance of the Texas Rangers during the investigation.

Texas Ranger Jason Shea of Brownwood was assigned to the investigation to review the open record violations and related matters that occurred while Roberts was working for the City of Ranger.

During the investigation, Shea met with Roberts at the Eastland County Sheriff's Office. Roberts admitted during an interview that he had made errors in judgment and due to his love for the County and his family, he would voluntarily resign from office and permanently surrender his Texas Peace Officer's License.

Shea and the the District Attorney recommended that the investigation close without further investigation and prosecution, and no allegations of misconduct have been made regarding Robert's term as Eastland County Sheriff.

According to Roberts, he has not been arrested or indicted, despite rumors.

The resignation of the elected Sheriff is an agenda item for the Eastland County Commissioner's Court on Monday, May 24.

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