Retired Texas Officer Fatally Shot in Dispute With Neighbor

FILE of sirens on a San Diego County Sheriff's Department vehicle.

A retired Houston police officer was shot and killed during an argument with a neighbor, who is a retired U.S. Customs officer, authorities said.

Mart Hanna, 68, was shot Monday afternoon at his home in Kerrville, a city 65 miles (104 kilometers) northwest of San Antonio, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Hanna had been walking his dog at the time when he got into the argument with his neighbor, according to Hanna's daughter, Kate Hubbard.

Both men pulled guns but only Hanna was struck by gunfire, police said.

"He wasn't a violent man," Hubbard said, "It's definitely a devastating incident for everybody involved."

Hubbard said her father and the neighbor had argued in the past about speeding vehicles in the neighborhood, but she did not know what sparked the disagreement Monday.

Kerr County Sheriff W.R. Hierholzer said the neighbor was not arrested and charges were pending with a grand jury.

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