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Pudgy Texas State Troopers Could Be Pulled Off Enforcement Duties

Even troopers who passed fitness tests are under scrutiny for their waist size as DPS begins enforcing a controversial policy

Juan Figueroa, The Dallas Morning News

More than 200 state troopers will need to slim down by year’s end or face discipline under a controversial policy the Texas Department of Public Safety is enforcing to limit the size of officers’ waistlines.

Men with waists over 40 inches and women over 35 inches now have to track and share their weight loss efforts, according to documents obtained by The Dallas Morning News.

“I will drink no more than one diet soda each day,” one DPS officer pledged in a fitness improvement plan obtained by The News. Another set out to “drastically cut sugar intake in all its forms” and avoid fast food.

Officers who don’t trim down by December – even if they pass all other required physical fitness tests – can be denied promotions and overtime, or removed from enforcement duties.

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