Texas House Passes Bill That Would Cap Property Tax Growth

The Texas House passed Senate Bill 2 Wednesday, which would address property taxes. The bill calls for a 3.5-percent cap on property tax growth, and if a city wanted to raise them, it would be up to voters to approve.

The bill the House passed is different than the Senate's version, so it appears that that lawmakers from both branches will meet in conference committee to work out a final version. That will again be voted on by both the House and Senate.

While the bill addresses property taxes, it does not lower them. The bill just limits their growth.

Governor Abbott released a statement, saying in part, "In the final days of the legislative session, I am confident this historic legislation, combined with additional reforms working their way through the system, will reach my desk where I will sign them into law. I look forward to working with Lt. Governor Patrick, Speaker Bonnen and the entire Legislature to deliver lasting property tax relief to every Texan."

Mayors Mike Rawling and Betsy Price, of Dallas and Fort Worth, respectively have both spoken out against a bill capping property tax growth.

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