New Report Gives Insight to Energy Conservation Alerts Across Texas in June

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A new report details the problems that led to energy conservation alerts across Texas in June.

ERCOT tracked more than 1,200 unplanned outages leading up to the power problems.

The urgent call for Texans to conserve came just a few weeks after ERCOT said the state's grid could handle the expected record demand over the summer.

The week-long power supply concerns came the week of June 14 because there was less power available.

A total of 224 plants were offline that week. That translates to power that could supply more than 2 million homes.

High temperatures led to more demand to run air conditioning.

ERCOT reports the biggest outages came from natural gas, coal, and nuclear power plants.

In May, ERCOT said the risk of power outages was less than 1% this summer but one energy expert says Texans should have a backup plan.

"On average, ERCOT expects us to make it through August without too many issues. But for the consumer, if you have any kind of critical exposure such as life support machines at your home, then maybe you want to think about having some kind of back-up generation," said Energy Expert with the University of Houston, Ed Hirs.

Governor Greg Abbott called on the Public Utility Commission and ERCOT to come up with plans for better maintenance and development of additional natural gas, coal and nuclear powered generating capacity. It's part of an effort to shore up the state's power grid.

There have been no new calls to conserve this past month.

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