Man Dies After US Border Patrol Finds Him in ‘Medical Distress' During Traffic Stop

The man was later pronounced dead in Christus Spohn Hospital in Alice

NBC News

One man is dead after he was found in "heavy medical distress" by U.S. Border Patrol agents in South Texas on Thursday, officials say.

Surveillance footage pointed officers to a Toyota Tacoma with multiple people in the bed of the vehicle on Thursday in Hebbronville, according to border patrol officials.

Border Patrol tracked down the vehicle in a nearby town, but when they approached during a traffic stop, the individuals in the car began to flee.

All of the individuals except for one left the vehicle, and when officers approached they found a non-responsive man in medical distress, authorities said.

A medically trained officer attempted to provide medical care before allowing Duval County EMS to transport the man to the Christus Spohn Hospital in Alice.

The man, who has not been identified, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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