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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick releases ‘Behind the Scenes' video discussing Ken Paxton impeachment trial

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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick released a lengthy video Sunday going behind the scenes of the Ken Paxton impeachment trial.

In the video, Patrick discusses the nine-day trial with Sherry Sylvester, a fellow with the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation who once served as senior advisor to the lieutenant governor and worked on two of his campaigns.

During the 46-minute video (embedded below), Patrick, who presided as judge over the trial, fields questions from Sylvester about what took place leading up to and during the historic trial and what led him to make a statement critical of the process after Paxton was acquitted.

Sylvester and Patrick also talked with several of the Texas Senators who acted as jurors in the trial. Taking part in the discussion were Texas Sens. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe, Dist. 4), Pete Flores (R-Pleasanton, Dist. 24), and Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston, Dist. 7).

All of the senators who were part of the video voted to acquit Paxton. None of the jurors who voted to convict, Republican or Democrat, were included in the video to share their experience.

The lieutenant governor praised the senators who worked on the trial, regardless of their votes on the 16 articles of impeachment but was critical of the House's process that led to the hearing.

Patrick said after the trial that he intended to forward legislation that amends the state constitution to require the House to require people to give testimony under oath and to allow the target of the impeachment time to talk to the witnesses and give members a minimum of two weeks to review evidence before voting.

Patrick has said repeatedly that he believes no one should be impeached on hearsay or denied due process and that the impeachment could have been avoided had the House taken those steps.

The lieutenant governor has also called for a full accounting of the cost of the trial.

The video can be seen below.


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