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Gov. Abbott Opens Second Border-Related Criminal Jail and Booking Facility

Operation Lone Star jail booking facility is located in Jim Hogg County and focuses on border-related crimes in Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).
NBC 5 News

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced Tuesday the State of Texas has launched a second Operation Lone Star jail booking facility. The facility operates with individuals who are arrested for committing crimes relating to the border region.

The facility, located in Jim Hogg County, is the second jail facility of its kind in Texas. The first was launched in Val Verde County in July 2021.

“Securing the border includes arresting and prosecuting anyone committing border-related crimes in Texas,” Abbott said in a press release. “The launch of our second Operation Lone Star jail booking facility builds upon the unprecedented actions taken by Texas to respond to the Biden Administration's open border policies. The State of Texas’ work to secure the border is made stronger by our collaboration with local governments and law enforcement across the state, and I am grateful to our partners in Jim Hogg County for working with our state agencies to launch this new facility.” 

Last June Abbott announced Texas would begin arresting and jailing individuals trespassing or committing state crimes along the border. The governor directed the Texas Commission on Jail Standards and Texas Commission on Law Enforcement to work with border cities to help create alternative detention facilities for those crime-related activities.

The new facility is part of Abbott’s plan to enhance border security. Other parts of his plan include approving $3 billion in funding for security efforts, building a border wall along the Texas and Mexico, arresting and jailing migrants trespassing or committing other state crimes in Texas, among other initiatives.

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