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Floyd Family to March in Texas as Gov. Abbott Heads to Dallas

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The family of George Floyd was expected to join a march in Houston on Tuesday amid nationwide protests in response to his death and other police killings of black people.

The march will begin shortly after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was expected to lay out in Dallas how the state planned to curb unrest and destruction that has followed largely peaceful daytime demonstrations.

Dallas has imposed a curfew, and Monday night police conducted mass arrests on a downtown bridge where protesters marched.

Dallas police Chief U. Renee Hall said most were released after being charged with obstructing a roadway, which came after demonstrators got down on one knee. She emphasized Tuesday that most protests were peaceful but warned, "If you break the law, we will arrest you."

Since Friday, more than 180 protesters have been arrested and jailed in Dallas, according to the county sheriff's office. That figure excludes those arrested and released Monday, and police did not immediately provide that number.

Like many governors, Abbott has activated the National Guard and sent state troopers to big cities to boost the presence of law enforcement. President Donald Trump has threatened to send in U.S. troops to American cities to "dominate the streets" if the governors didn't take action.

Austin police say a 20-year-old black protester was critically injured after being struck by a beanbag fired by a police officer. Police Chief Brian Manley said the officer had been aiming at another demonstrator but missed.

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