Ken Paxton

Even if convicted at impeachment trial, Ken Paxton won't lose his state pension

Yanking pensions for misconduct in Texas is erratic because of a “hodgepodge” of conflicting rules, one ethics watchdog says

Juan Figueroa / The Dallas Morning News

No matter how his impeachment trial turns out, Attorney General Ken Paxton’s state pension is not in jeopardy.

In what one ethics watchdog laments is Texas’ “hodgepodge of regulation,” Paxton is among an elite set of elected officials. Even if they’re impeached, convicted and booted from office, state legislators and statewide officeholders such as Paxton retain their state pensions.

Only judges, who are enrolled in a separate pension fund, lose these retirement benefits if they’re impeached and removed.

The Employees Retirement System of Texas, or ERS, which administers not only the pension funds of politicians and judges but the retirement checks of rank-and-file state workers, does not set the guidelines for the two funds.

Such decisions are made by the Legislature, according to experts on the state pension system including lawyers, ethics advocates and an ERS spokeswoman.

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