Lufkin police

Deer Breaks Into Lufkin Home, Runs Amok Looking for Exit

Lukfin police responded to a burglary in progress call to discover a panicked deer running amok inside a home early Thursday morning.

The officers arrived at the home at about 6:18 a.m. and confirmed that someone had broken in the home and that it sounded like the intruder was still inside.

Ten minutes later they had the home surrounded and ordered the intruder to surrender.

After being ignored, officers then forced their way into the home where they confirmed the intruder had four legs, not two.

Bodycam showed the panicked doe looking for an exit, smashing into furniture, windows and anything else in its path as it desperately tried to find an exit.

Officers used chairs found in the home to try to direct the deer toward one of the open doors, which it eventually found. The deer then scampered across the lawn and into some nearby woods.

Police in Lufkin, about three hours southeast of Dallas, said the only injuries to the officers or the deer were some minor cuts from broken glass.

It is not clear how much damage was done inside of the home.

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