Confusion at the Texas-Mexico Border as Title 42 Ends and New Immigration Measures Begin

The situation at the southern border remained relatively calm Friday, but the full impact of the end of Title 42 will play out over weeks and months

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The end of Title 42 brings a new wave of concerns for migrants entering the country and the already overwhelmed border communities trying to shelter them.

There were scenes of desperation at the border as a father carried a small child across the Rio Grande in a suitcase.

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They are among the thousands of migrants fleeing poverty and violence looking for a better life in the U.S.

"My dreams are many. First, is to provide a better life for my kids," Yineth Palencia said through a translator.

Palencia says her family traveled through seven countries before crossing the southern border to El Paso, Texas.

But for future migrants hoping to do the same, the rules have changed. Late Thursday night, the immigration policy known as Title 42 expired.

"We have been preparing for this moment for more than a year and a half. I have been very clear, that it's going to be challenging, but we do have a plan," said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

In place of Title 42, the Biden administration is using a mix of policies in hopes of controlling the border. They include new pathways for legal immigration and harsher penalties for those who don't use them.

"What they are going to encounter at our border is border patrol agents who will take them into custody and remove them," said Mayorkas.

Republicans are attacking the Biden administration's immigration policies.

"We have a humanitarian and a national security crisis at our border every single day," said Republican Sen. Katie Britt from Alabama.

The Biden administration blames Congress for failing to act to reform immigration laws.

Caught in the middle of the political brawl are the hopes and dreams of migrants risking their lives for a chance at the American dream.

"Since arriving here, my hopes are now set and faith even stronger that I can accomplish everything I want," said Palencia.

In addition to Title 42, other COVID-era policies are ending that border officials say will allow them to add additional beds at border shelters and process migrants more quickly as they won't have to go through COVID-19 screenings.

Hundreds of Migrants Wait to Be Processed at Entrance 42 Near El Paso

With their hands raised, dozens of migrants were entering American soil after being processed at Entrance 42 near El Paso.

Many of them left their belongings inside a garbage container since the buses won't take large amounts of items.

On the other side of the border wall, in Mexico, about 300 migrants were hoping to be processed.

Organizations in Ciudad Juarez are trying to help those left behind.

"The priority now is to put migrants in a safe space, safe humanitarian space, with access to services, access to information, and now in this space we support the migrants with hygiene kits and water," said Chago Ameida a United Nations humanitarian volunteer.

Since early Friday hundreds of migrants, mostly families, have been processed in El Paso by National Guard units and border agents.

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