Greg Abbott

Texas Democrats Breaking Quorum in D.C. Give Update on Walkout

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Texas Democrats currently breaking quorum in Gov. Greg Abbott's special session held a news conference Tuesday morning to give an update on their legislative walkout.

The legislators didn't say beforehand specifically what they were going to discuss. However, in a statement about the news conference, they said they were going to "expose Texas Republicans’ continued promotion of the 'Big Lie' to undermine the public’s trust in our elections."

The Texas House Democrats left Austin for D.C. earlier this month to break quorum and prevent the chamber from taking a vote on an election law they describe as veiled voter suppression. Republicans say the changes are necessary to ensure the integrity of future elections.

Since the legislators left the state, bringing the special session to a halt, Texas Republicans including Abbott have called on the lawmakers to return or face arrest. The Democrats said they plan to remain in the nation's capital through the special session to lobby for federal voter protections.

The current specials session ends on Aug. 6. Abbott, who can call as many special sessions as he likes, said he'll call as many as he needs to in order to get his agenda passed.

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