‘All Clear' at Uvalde's Vacant Robb Elementary After Bomb Threat Friday

The school building has been vacant since the 2022 mass shooting that killed 21, including 19 children

Uvalde Police say they're looking for the person who called in a bomb threat at Robb Elementary School on Friday.

Police posted a message on Facebook just after 1 p.m. saying someone called the department's dispatch center at about 10:40 a.m., identified himself and then claimed to have placed bombs inside the building. The caller also said he was driving around with an assault rifle.

The Uvalde Police responded, notified partner agencies, including the Texas DPS and Uvalde County Sheriff's Office, and activated their Emergency Operations Incident Command Center. Meanwhile, nearby residents were alerted and the area around the school was cordoned off.

The department said late Friday afternoon the San Antonio Police Department's bomb squad searched the building but didn't find any devices. A short time later the all-clear was issued.

Investigators are now turning their attention to the caller, who Uvalde Chief of Police Daniel Rodriguez said will face consequences if identified.

"We are currently working with our state and federal partners to determine the location of the caller and will prosecute the actor to the fullest extent when fully identified," Rodriguez wrote on Facebook.

The school building has not been used since the May 24, 2022 massacre where an 18-year-old gunman entered the building and killed 19 children and two adults. Another 17 others were injured but survived the shooting. Robb Elementary is expected to be demolished, though officials have not said when that will take place.

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