Austin Limiting the Number of Scooters on Sidewalks

Austin is limiting the number of scooters that will be seen on its sidewalks -- the scooters are crowding sidewalks in busy areas of the city

Austin is the latest Texas city to put tighter restrictions on electric scooter rentals in an effort to ease congestion.

KXAN-TV in Austin reports the city is putting limits on the number of scooters allowed within a popular stretch of downtown, between Congress Avenue, the Texas Capitol and Lady Bird Lake.

The city said sidewalks are becoming too crowded with scooters parked along the heavily-traveled stretch. The city said driver data showed 100,000 scooter trips on that portion of Congress Avenue in the second quarter of this year.

Dallas City Council is voting on a potential return of shared scooters and bikes to the city after they were banned in September 2020 for posing a safety risk on sidewalks. The plan the city is voting on contains restrictions similar to those being instituted in Austin. If the vote passes, scooters could return to Dallas in October.

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