San Antonio

Amid Protesting, Temporary Fencing Installed Around the Alamo

In response to protests in the downtown San Antonio area, temporary fencing is going up around the Alamo as long as needed

fencing around the alamo
The Alamo

On Wednesday, temporary fencing is being installed around the Alamo in response to several nights of protests following the death of George Floyd.

According to a press release from the city of San Antonio, the fencing will remain in place, "as long as events indicate it is needed."

The Alamo Plaza has been temporarily closed to "minimize the possibility of civil disturbance and damage to sensitive structures" and on Tuesday, the city also announced that the temporary closure was extended until Sunday, June 7.

But the closure did not deter protesters Tuesday night, where a largely peaceful protest close to Alamo ended with small clashes between police and protesters and eight arrests, according to

More protests are expected on Wednesday.

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