Texas May Be Holding Your Unclaimed Cash

It's your money, but you have to claim it.

The Texas State Comptroller keeps a list of money owed to people, either from refunds, undelivered checks or cash left in a will. But businesses are also on that list, and some of them could use the money.

Dallas-based Blockbuster Inc has seen it's shares slip in the last few months. A quick search of the state's unclaimed property site shows that the rental giant has more than $43,000 in unclaimed money from credit companies, banks and even electronic stores.

The Dallas Independent School District also has more than $13,000 waiting, many from its business with trash pickup company Waste Management.

DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander said the district routinely monitors the lists.

"While the collection process is somewhat time-consuming, we are interested in recovering any funds which we may be owed," he said.

The list includes police departments, fire departments, county offices and even Gov. Rick Perry.

Perry is owed more than $180 from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. To find out if you are owned any money, check with the Texas Comptroller's Unclaimed Property Web site.

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