Texas Man Faces Animal Abuse Charges After Dog Freezes to Death

A Longview man is facing charges of animal cruelty after his dog froze to death.

Longview police tell KETK-TV they were responding to an animal welfare call Tuesday morning, when they found a dead dog chained to a fence.

Police and animal control officers said the animal froze to death in the frigid temperatures overnight.

The dog was so frozen the veterinarian could not get a temperature reading on the animal.

Officials said it appeared the owner had not provided any type of shelter, water or food for the animal.

"Bring your dogs in when the temperature drops down to these conditions so that you don't end up with a dead animal. Because if we come out and your animal has died because of the environment that it's in, if it's died because it's frozen, it's cold, we will file charges," said Longview animal control officer Chris Kemper.

Police plan to file a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge against the owner of the dog. If convicted, the man could face up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

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