Texas Lt. Gov. Calls Out House Members at End of Legislative Session

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick held a press conference Sunday afternoon with other members of the Texas Senate, calling out the Texas House for not completing their work during the normal session.

Both the House and the Senate hosted press conferences, pointing the finger at the other today.

The two sides are at odds over a routine procedural bill to extend the life of five Texas agencies. That includes a medical oversight law that previously died in the Texas House, after some of its most conservative members killed every item on a legislative calendar full of non-controversial issues.

The Senate says the House didn't pass their original bill on time and the legislation from the House that was finally sent over does not cover everything it needs too.

The House maintains that it did get its work done on time.

The House and Senate also could not agree on a so called "bathroom bill" or property tax reform.

The legislature has until midnight Monday night to wrap up any outstanding issues.

Then focus shifts to Governor Greg Abbott who is the only one that can call a special session, if he sees it necessary.

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