Texas Lawmakers Watch Hundreds of Bills Go Down the Drain on Deadline Day in the House

The second Thursday of May is the day when legislators get to decide whether hundreds of House bills -- good and bad -- live or die.

Among the bills on the chopping block were ones that would prohibit the government from taking any “adverse action” against someone for their affiliation or support of a religious organization, require roofers to register with the state, add taxes to e-cigarettes and vape products and clarify the definition of “sexual contact” in the prosecution of illegal teacher-student relationships.

Starting the day at 10 a.m., the 150-member chamber was prepped for a long night in which it tried to pass as many bills as possible before a procedural deadline at midnight. Its calendar was 17 pages long and contained more than 200 bills, many of which were all but dead before the day even began.

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