Texas Lawmakers Hear Overwhelming Support For CBD, Hemp Farming in the State

Texas lawmakers today heard testimony from a long list of people in support of a proposed bill that would clear the confusion over whether CBD is legal in the state.

Witnesses packed into a hearing room at the state capitol to also speak out in favor of legalizing hemp farming in Texas.

The testimony ranged from predictions that farmers would benefit if allowed to grow hemp – the main component of CBD, while others talked about the health benefits from CBD.

No action was taken Monday on the bill, sponsored by state Rep. Tracy King, who represents farming communities in south Texas.

King said the hearing helped people understand the differences between hemp and its cannabis cousin, marijuana.

The hemp used to make CBD contains only a small fraction of THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that produces a high.

King’s bill, if passed, would require testing to ensure that hemp did not surpass the legal limit of THC.

Also, CBD companies would have to provide consumers with lab results showing the ingredients of their products.

Those in attendance included Steven Thompson, CEO of a national CBD company that is headquartered in North Texas.

Thompson said current laws prevent his company from processing the hemp for CBD in Texas.

"And so, while we are proud Americans, we would rather be providing for the farmers here in our state," he said.

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