Texas Lawmakers Debate Property Tax Reform Bill

Lawmakers began their debate on property tax reform Tuesday, during the first week of votes in the Texas Legislature.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called property tax reform one of his priorities going into this session.

State Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, introduced Senate Bill 2, which brought on hours of testimony Tuesday.

The bill says that when a tax burden goes up by four percent or more, an election is required to approve it.

Read the full Senate Bill 2 here.

The Texas Municipal League has slammed the bill, saying it will affect emergency services if passed.

"The largest budget item for every city in Texas is public safety – police, fire fighting and emergency medical services," said Bennett Sandlin, executive director of the Texas Municipal League. "Politicians can't proclaim their support for first responders and then turn around and vote to restrict the funding that pays for the salaries, equipment, vehicles, health insurance and pensions of the men and women who protect our communities."

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