Texas Kayaker Snags Owl While Fishing, Bird Snatches Lure

A Texas fisherman had an unexpected catch when an owl swooped down, snatched a lure and got caught on the hook.

KXAN-TV reports Garry Olson Jr. summoned help and the bird was eventually freed.

Olson was in a kayak on Saturday at Lake Bird Lake in Austin and wearing a video recording device when the owl went for his lure. The lure got hooked in the bird's talon.

Olson managed to get the owl on the kayak, paddled to shore and summoned animal control officers.

Olson, in the video, is calmly heard talking to the bird and saying, "Hey owl. How are you? Are you enjoying your kayak ride? Me too."

A veterinarian safely removed the hook and returned the bird to the wild.

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