Texas Gubernatorial Candidates Agree to Debate

Debate set for Sept. 30

Texas gubernatorial candidates Attorney General Greg Abbott and state Sen. Wendy Davis have agreed to debate later this month in Dallas.

The debate, set for Sept. 30, is sponsored by NBC 5, The Dallas Morning News, KERA and Telemundo 39, and will take place at the KERA studios.

While in Dallas earlier in the week, Davis said she would debate Abbott in as many place as she can.

"I am anxious for the people of Texas to see the differences in the two of us," said Davis.

On Tuesday, Abbott talked about the upcoming debate while in North Texas presenting his higher education plan.

"I have been all along committed to two statewide debates, because I want to thoroughly discuss all of the issues affecting the future of Texas. I want to do that in a thoughtful format," said Abbott.

KERA Vice President of new Rick Holter said organizers are still ironing out the final details, but they have a format that has been used in the past, such as in the lieutenant governor debate this past January.

Candidates will have timed responses with a moderator and several panelists answering the questions.

"We try for measured responses. We are not in this for the fireworks. We are in this for the substance so we will try to dig deep with insightful questions," said Holter.

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