Texas Guard Makes Dramatic Flood Rescues Near Krum

A young girl in the care of a babysitter and a pregnant woman were among the people airlifted to safety in Krum on Sunday, after they were stranded in their homes by torrential downpours that gave way to flash floods.

"It was scary. It really is, to know you've got to be airlifted because there's no other way to get to you, it's scary." said Danette Blanchard, who was babysitting when flood waters from North Hickory Creek rushed into the home.

Denton County Emergency Services Chief Jody Gonzalez said Sunday that multiple rescues had been performed from flooded streets and homes in the small town located about 50 miles northwest of Dallas.

Chopper 5 witnessed the Texas National Guard perform five rescues from one home, including a woman holding a 5-month-old girl.

"To be harnessed and spinning in the air, it's a nightmare," said Blanchard, who was babysitting Melissa Cronce's daughter.

Cronce was also trapped, unable to get to her baby, watching the rescue unfold.

"I was really scared and then trying to come down here to get her, all the roads being blocked off," said Cronce. "I was scared, but I knew she was going to be OK."

Blanchard said last time the creek rose she and her family were able to get out by boat, but not this time.

Chopper 5 watched as a family and a baby were rescued from a flooded home in Krum in Denton County.

Blanchard's pregnant granddaughter was also rescued. Blanchard's mother suffered some minor injuries as she was being lifted through the trees.

Along Duck Creek in Sanger, two men were stranded on the top of a maroon pickup with water rushing around them. Rescuers first tried to make a ground rescue but moved in quickly with a helicopter to pluck them to safety.

The Texas National Guard rescued two men stranded on the top of their pickup truck as Duck Creek raged around them in Sanger.

Members of the five-man crew responsible for the two rescues said Monday they don't want to be known as heroes.

"I think that word gets used a little too often. We are just doing a job," said rescue swimmer Wayne Twiner, of Texas Task Force 1. "I am just very thankful we were able to get all those victims to safety."

As Twiner was lowered down into the water to rescue the two stuck on top of the truck, he slammed right into a fence.

"It was an 'oh heck' moment for sure," said Twiner.

But he kept going.

"It happened so quick. All I remember is coming up and the fence being there and I worked my way over. Then I got on the truck. I was more worried about those two guys on the truck," said Twiner.

Members of the five-man crew responsible for rescuing people stranded by flooding said Monday they don’t want to be known as heroes.

Texas Army National Guard Lt. Col Troy Meuth was the pilot. He explained he was concentrating on keeping the aircraft steady and did not see the people in back. It was not until later he found out they had rescued a family.

"My wife said, 'You know you weren't here with me on Mother's Day, but you saved some moms and a grandmother, and you rock,' so that was very special," said Meuth.

Chopper 5 flew over Krum in Denton County where major flooding was reported.

National Weather Service meteorologist Matt Staley said there were numerous road closures in North Texas after storms dumped six to seven inches of rain on some places over the last four days.

Chopper 5 showed showed some vehicles nearly submerged.

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