Texas DPS Troopers End Initial Operation to Fight Violent Crime in Dallas

Earlier this summer, Gov. Greg Abbott deployed Texas Department of Public Safety troopers to southern Dallas in response to violent crime rates and the initial operation has since ended, the DPS said in a news release.

The troopers were deployed in June.

"We were proud to partner with the men and women of DPD to help increase safety in the area," the news release said.

In July, Dallas police said crime fell in the southern Dallas area by 24% compared to June and there were no murders. Abbott praised troopers at the time, citing the statistical drop in crime.

In total, there were 297 felony arrests, 208 felony warrants served, 568 drug seizure events and 105 handguns seized. There were 17,242 traffic stops with 1,390 citations and 24,720 traffic warnings.

In July, some community members and city officials expressed concern over the presence of DPS troopers and so-called "over policing."

Go here to see more information on the violent crime statistics from the Department of Public Safety.

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