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Texas DMV Board Meets to Discuss Fight Against Illegal Paper Tags

A major safety loophole that allowed unsafe cars to get temporary license plates has been closed by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.
NBC 5 News

The Texas DMV board met Thursday to talk about the ongoing fight against criminals and fake paper tags in the state.

During a public safety meeting on Monday, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said officers are working undercover to stop the illegal sale of those tags.

In the meeting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, the board discussed the measures they're taking to stop those crimes.

NBC 5 Investigates first told you about the issues with paper tags in North Texas. Our team discovered that most county tax offices that can issue temporary tags do not check to make sure a car has passed inspections before issuing a paper tag.

The Texas DMV released more information about its plans to close a loophole that's allowing unsafe cars to get temporary tags earlier this month.

The DMV confirmed in a letter in early April that it will now require counties to verify that cars have been inspected.


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