Texas Department of Transportation Officials Discuss Plan to Add Cameras

With nearly 4 million registered vehicles now in the Dallas area, the Texas Department of Transportation Dallas Trans Facility plans to add more cameras than ever to help keep you moving.

The facility already monitors nearly 500 cameras, alerting law enforcement and the media when they spot accidents and breakdowns.

"The Metroplex is growing so fast. It is a challenge to keep up with it,” TXDot spokesman Ryan Lafontaine said.

Lafontaine said they’re pushing to add 200 more cameras in the next two years. He said they plan to put more cameras south of Dallas in Ellis and Kaufman counties, as well north of Dallas in Collin County.

“We’re always updating…expanding those numbers,” he said. “We want to have cameras on every stretch of every major freeway in our district, so that we can keep an eye on everything."

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