Texas Couple Surprised With Quadruplets

A woman in Texas thought she was having triplets, but ended up giving birth to quadruplets and making history at the same time.

Vivian Van Gorder had a Cesarean section Monday in at a hospital in Waco, and while the doctor was delivering the babies, he felt an extra elbow.

To everyone's surprise, another baby girl was waiting to come out, marking the first ever birth of quadruplets at that particular hospital.

In total, two boys and two girls were born -- each weighing between four and a half to five and a half pounds.

In another twist, no fertility treatment was involved, which is usually the case when it comes to quadruplets.

"This was really unusual and statistically, this really is a one in a million kind of pregnancy," Dr. Carl Dunn at Hillcrest Hospital said.

Since Vivian and her husband didn't know they were having a fourth baby, they didn't have a fourth name picked out.

"The baby A is Tristan, the baby B is Erik, the baby C is Clare and then baby D -- it's unknown," said Vivian.

Doctors say there's about 220 sets of quadruplets born each year in the u-s, with probably 219 of those being people who conceived with fertility assistance.

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