Texas Connects Us: Weatherford's Vintage Car Museum

Just outside of downtown Weatherford, you can catch a glimpse of the past.

Tom Moncrief and his wife, Teress Moncrief, have preserved one of their favorite parts.

Together they opened the Vintage Grill and Car Museum. It's a place where they can share history, and you can't have a car museum in Texas without a Texan!

"We have LBJ's 1964 Lincoln," Tom Moncrief said with a smile.

The Moncriefs own President Lyndon Johnson's convertible Lincoln.

"They say it has armor under it," Tom Moncrief added. "It has a couple of bars under the engine transmission, because he would drive across his ranch, probably at a pretty good rate of speed. They say when he would drive people around his ranch, he'd have his Scotch and soda and he'd hold his glass out the door and the Secret Service would fill his glass back up."

"What makes this a very, very unique and important collection is that each car has a story," Teress Moncrief added.

Like another car in their collection, you may remember the Hollywood scene it was featured in.

"We have the Packard that was used in The Godfather," Tom Moncrief said.

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli," Teress Moncrief recited.

The car's dirty now, but that's part of the value.

"This is one of those dream cars that's called a 'barn find,' and it's wearing the barn accouterments, and you don't want to take it off," Teress Moncrief said.

Every car sparks a memory for someone. Tom and Teress Moncrief hope their old cars create new memories.

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