Texas Connects Us: The Ukulele Choir

Rarely, if ever, do you see them in a church choir. So, why is the ukulele a part of Grace Avenue United Methodist Church in Frisco?

"I think it's the simplicity of it," explained Worship Pastor Joe Stobaugh. "In 30 minutes you can learn three or four chords and be rolling."

There's nothing conventional about Stobaugh's choir. They strum everything from Bible hymns to U2 songs.

"As soon as you start playing, these smiles start creeping up on everyone's faces," said choir member Sarah Stobaugh. "There's some of us who just play a chord every once in while and there's some who can do crazy strumming and finger picking and everything."

Everyone is welcome to join. The youngest member is just 6 years old and the oldest members are in their 70s.

"I came in knowing nothing about guitars, ukuleles or string instruments at all," said member Madison Howell. "It just makes you inexplicably happy. There's no way to be sad when you hear a ukulele."

The sound they create resonates with nearly everyone.

"Given what's going on in our country today and around the world, we need a lot more love and we need a lot more fun and community and gathering together," added choir member Phil Stobaugh.

They're creating harmony that permeates well beyond the church.

"Our hope is to grow this into something for our entire community," Joe Stobaugh added.

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