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Texas Connects Us: The Gift of Seeing What Really Matters

A Fort Worth company is working to empower girls by teaching them about strong women in history. But when a grandmother from Weatherford bought the perfect present from the company, it turned into a connection that's a much deeper gift.

Sometimes you meet someone, who makes you see things a different way. Aubree Grayce Sears is that girl.

"I am nine years old," said Aubree.

Aubree was born visually impaired. Her vision doesn't come from her eyes, but it couldn't be more clear.

"I'll put the gloves in your hand," said Heather Stark, handing over a pair of lace gloves to feel. "I remember those," Aubree said.

"She wants to learn," said Aubree's grandmother, Cindy Sears. "She wants to know everything. Anything you pick up, she wants to know how it feels."

So when Cindy Sears found the interactive Grace and Grit gift box, she knew she had a hit. Each one is themed with a different woman in history.

"We teach the girls about the women that came before us, what they did, how they paved the way, what we can learn from them," Stark said.

Stark started the Fort Worth company Grace and Grit box to empower girls just like Aubree. The Anne Sullivan box, honoring the woman who taught Helen Keller to communicate, turned out to be the perfect fit.

"It's real nice to know that I'm not the only person in the world that's blind," Aubree said.

Aubree was so moved, she asked to meet the woman who made the box. So on a recent afternoon in Weatherford, Aubree and Stark sat down together.

"I would like to think that Anne saw that Helen had a spirit that would just fight and overcome and not going to be held back by anything," Stark said.

"Yes, yes, yes!" said Aubree.

"You know what, I kind of feel like you've got that in your spirit," Stark added.

"Thank you," Aubree said.

Aubree has her own teacher pushing her to do whatever her classmates can do.

"Because I don't want to be different from them," said Aubree. "You know what I mean?"

Every small connection helps.

"Yes, it's a tangible box, but you walk away with something that you can only feel," said Stark.

It's fitting, then, that the girl who feels rather than sees makes us see what counts.

"To see your mission come to fruition and your purpose and your 'why,' that you're actually doing what God told you to do, that's pretty big," said Stark.

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