Texas Connects Us: The Cowboy Church of Ellis County

In the middle of a rodeo arena in Waxahachie, Pastor Chris Maddox is sharing his sermon.

It's not a traditional church setting and that's exactly what Maddox wants.

"We are a come as you are, but leave changed church, " Maddox said. "A lot of people perceive church to be a building. I can tell you that people are the church."

The congregation at the Cowboy Church of Ellis County is proud of it's Western heritage.

"It's very relaxed, laid back, " said church member Shannon Wingate. "You wear a cap and boots and jeans and get to hear the word."

After Maddox delivers his easy to understand sermon in simple terms, the rodeo begins.

Yes, a real rodeo. An opportunity to connect with church members and guests on their turf.

"It's a cowboy church tool box is what it is, " said member Gary Halbert. "If you're gonna reach a ditch-digger, you gotta go get a shovel and go join him in the ditch."

"It's more than just coming in on Sunday, getting dressed up, going home and eating chicken," added member Gary Childres. "I mean you got kids coming out here to church on a Monday night, they get to rope and Chris' message is understandable, it's not over their heads."

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