Texas Connects Us: The Anger Room

Do you ever feel like you just need a break?

The political climate, the crazy rants on Facebook, sometimes you just need a place to escape and blow off some steam.

Elementary school librarian, Kena Sosa, releases stress at the Anger Room.

"You get boggled down sometimes and you just say, 'I need an outlet for this energy or this frustration,'" she said.

The Anger Room is a nondescript building in Deep Ellum.

Once inside, you're armed with a bat, given a protective jump suit, they crank up the music and then you just go crazy.

Kena says the more you break, the better it feels.

"It gives you, in a weird way, a new sense of confidence in yourself," she added. "A strength that you're not sure you have."

In a world that expects you to hold it all together, the Anger Room gives you the freedom to just let loose.

NBC 5's Kris Gutierrez takes on the Anger Room in Deep Ellum.

Some people like running or jogging and boxing," said Donna, the owner. "Others come to the Anger Room to break some stuff and then leave happy."

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