Texas Connects Us: Swing Dancing

Jerry and Kathy Warrick have been teaching swing dance lessons at Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas for the last 10 years.

Their Wednesday night class is a huge hit.

"Things start getting hectic around 4 or 4:30," Jerry Warrick said. "When we start getting ready, gathering up equipment, microphones – all that kind of stuff."

The Warricks love to dance. And they found love on the dance floor.

"Swing has been so important in my life," Jerry Warrick said. "I met my wife through this swing dancing. My life has completely changed because of it. It allowed me to go from a corporate job to having a life doing something that I really enjoy."

Kathy Warrick is all smiles.

"Jerry and I met dancing," she said. "I thought he was amazing and we got married shorty thereafter."

Together they've taught hundreds of classes.

And some of their students have found more than just a dance partner, too.

"I can remember the first time I saw her," said Zach Malone.

"It was at a blues lesson in this very room," said wife Tina Malone.

And now they're dancing their way through life – together.

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