Texas Connects Us: Senior Citizens Run Summer Camp for Kids

There are summer camps for everything these days, but few may offer as much as the camp run by Presbyterian Village North.

Each summer, the Dallas senior living community hosts a camp for children from fourth to seventh grade.

Every class is taught by a senior citizen.

"The camp is more special because you get to spend time with more experienced people," said fifth grader Emily Singleton.

The camp is in its eighth year and combines daily activities like chess, golf and crafts along with a Bible study and a lunch hour where the children and residents visit and share stories.

"The camp is a wonderful activity for the seniors that live here as well as the children," said resident and chess teacher, Frank LaCava.

LaCava inspired 12-year-old Simon Jeffus to take up chess.

The two met during last summer's camp and now play chess together year round.

"I like doing stuff with the residents," Jeffus said.

Resident Chester Bentley keeps his humor teaching kids golf.

"I guess we got the time to do it and make something useful, something constructive," Bentley said.

He hopes the kids enjoy their time together as much as he does.

"The opportunity to interact with seniors — some into their 90s — I think they gain a lot out of listening to stories from another time," said resident Magda Girgis, camp arts and crafts teacher.

The hope is both generations can gain a little something from the other and make connections that last long after the summer.

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