Texas Connects Us: Neighborhood ‘Chalks the Walk' to School

On the night before school starts, an entire neighborhood in The Colony comes together to make the first day back a little more magical.

As the sun sets and the kids are sent to bed, neighbors armed with buckets of chalk come out.

Together, they write words of encouragement on the sidewalks and driveways to surprise kids heading back to school.

"It's just to spread joy. I think that's the best thing I can say," said parent Alex Sievers.

Kids can follow the messages from their doorstep to the front door of Prestwick STEM Academy.

"I've never been in a place where a community is so supportive, not just for their own students, but anybody's child in the neighborhood," said Principal Christine Gibson.

Sharon Davis came up with the idea when her kids were little.

"It's like a love letter to your kids and they go a lot further than that. They impact everybody," said Davis.

The yearly tradition grew from just a few sidewalks to the entire neighborhood.

"It's a lot of work, but it's fun because you get to see their little faces in the morning and they get all excited," said parent Julia Small. "Even my big kids get excited. They do. They say they don't care, but they do."

Working under the cover of darkness, parents wait until the kids go to sleep, so the messages are a total surprise in the morning.

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