Texas Connects Us: Love Is in the Air

It's an iconic symbol in the Dallas skyline.

Reunion Tower stands 470 feet above the city and it's breath-taking views make it a popular place for proposals.

"I want to do it right here in front of the buildings, so you can get a good view of the city," said Joe Carroll.

We met Carroll the day before he planned to pop the question on the Reunion Tower observation deck, where they average one marriage proposal a day.

Managers can spot guys like Joe a mile away.

"They're making sure their tie is just right or there's just little beads of sweat on their brow," said Dusti Groskreutz, general manager of Reunion Tower.

Carroll spent weeks trying to figure out the perfect spot.

"It's above the city that we met in," he said. "I really couldn't think of another place to do it."

So what was his plan?

"Take her by the hand, look at her in the eyes and just tell her how I feel," Carroll added. "When you meet the right person, you know."

And when the moment came, everything was perfect.

"I was very surprised," said Alba Acuna, Carroll's fiancé. "He's what I wanted, what I always wanted. A dream come true."

"That's what you want to hear," Carroll said.

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